Campaign Finance

Assistance with campaign finance reporting and compliance

Get the advantage of having not just treasurer services but also access to legal support.

A candidate or committee has enough to worry about during an election campaign. I can help with meeting your campaign finance reporting requirements:

  • Assistance with preparing and filing campaign finance disclosure forms, including preelection statements, semi-annual statements, and 24-hour contribution reports.
  • Independent recordkeeping and administration of a campaign bank account.
  • Legal advice on fundraising, spending, advertising, and other election issues.

I invite you to contact my office if you have any questions or to schedule time to meet me in person for a more in-depth discussion.

Representation in FPPC enforcement actions

Sometimes a candidate is audited by the FPPC or faces allegations that he or she has run afoul of campaign finance laws. I provide:

  • Assistance for a candidate or committee during FPPC audits.
  • Representation in administrative hearings.