Gift Reporting and Government Ethics

Elected officials and candidates in state and local government are subject to limits on the amount of gifts they can accept in a calendar year. They must disclose those gifts as well as other economics interests in reports due at varying times. That may be straight forward and manageable when that elected official is in a single government position. But when that elected official wears different hats by having multiple positions, compliance with these rules can be tricky — especially when each agency has its own conflicts of interest code.

I can help elected official and candidates with meeting gift reporting requirements. This includes:

  • Creating a schedule for not just timely reporting economic interests but also reporting the correct categories required by the agency’s conflicts of interest code.
  • Monitoring and recording gift activity.
  • Completion and filing of statements of economic interests.
  • Assistance during audits and investigations.
  • Advising on gifts and disqualifications due to conflicts of interest.

Featured image by Claire Anderson.