Political Law

I offer an alternative to the mainstream. With few choices for political law firms in the San Gabriel Valley, I seek to fill the gap for diligent representation and legal assistance for candidates and committees who do not have the benefit of a large-scale operation.

I do get a lot of questions about what is political law. In short, political law encompasses the laws and regulations governing political activity. This could be voting, running for office, proposing measures, or donating to a campaign.

I can provide legal advice to political candidates and committees, elected officials, businesses, and nonprofits on wide range of political activities, including:

Campaign Finance

  • Assistance for candidates and committees with campaign finance reporting and compliance.

Election Procedures

  • Assistance for candidates on qualifying for ballot placement.
  • Representation in challenges to candidate name, occupation, and statements.

Gift Reporting and Government Ethics

  • Legal advice and disclosure services on gifts received by elected officials.
  • Advising on conflicts of interest.

Ballot Measures

  • Drafting the proposed measure and petition for circulation.
  • Legal advice on the procedures to getting your measure qualified.
  • Preparing and filing necessary submissions.
  • Representation to challenge or defend measures.


  • Legal advice on lobbying activities.
  • Assistance with disclosure reports.

Check out my blog for articles about political law.