Limited Scope Representation

With an unexpected divorce can come unexpected costs. The traditional way people hire a divorce attorney is by hiring the attorney to represent them from the beginning of the process through the end. For those who cannot afford to do so, there are still options:

Limited Scope Representation

Family law litigants can hire attorneys on a limited scope basis. That means if they have an upcoming hearing, that attorney will only represent them for that hearing. The benefit is that you don’t have to pay for an attorney for your entire case, but can still get help for the tough parts of your case.

Paperwork and Consultation

You can handle your divorce case by yourself but still get help from an attorney on preparing the paperwork and advice on the process. An uncontested divorce can be divided into these major sections for paperwork:

  • Petition/Response: these are the papers needed to start the divorce process. If divorce papers are filed against you, you have the option of filing a response.
  • Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure: the divorcing couple are required to exchange their financial information with each other.
  • Final Declaration of Disclosure: a second set of financial disclosures are required towards the end of the divorce unless the divorce couple agrees to waive the disclosure.
  • Marital Settlement Agreement: divorces will eventually go to trial unless the divorcing couple reaches an agreement on the issues.
  • Judgment: this is the final paperwork to complete the divorce.

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